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Oracle Virtualbox (GPL, free) and VMware Fusion (Proprietary,
not-Free), VMware Player (Proprietary, free), etc all works on
MacOSX (or OSX86).  Oracle VirtualBox and VMware WorkStation and
VMware Player, etc all works on Linux, Windows, etc Host OS.  In
VMware Player a new VM cannot be created, copied VM can be used, and
then can be modified.  In VMware WorkStation, VM can be created &
modified.  WorkStation (it comes with the free Player) can be
downloaded as Trial usage mode.

These hypervisor software will allow to create VM (Virtual Machines)
for Guest OS, running on top of the Host OS/machine. Everything
inside a VM is virtual/emulated/simulated.

(Almost) ANY bootable or Live-Bootable DVD/CD ISO files, Physical
DVD/CD-ROM drives, Bootable or Non-Bootable Physical USB flash
drives/sticks, etc all can be directly attached with a VM, and then
run inside a VM.

Inside a VM, virtual empty drive or virtual formatted drive, etc can
be attached & created.  VM and Virtual drive's can be encrypted too.
 Such virtual empty-drive or formatted-drive will actually exist as
a physical file in Host OS.  On older FAT32 based host OS, file
will/may span over multiple files distributed on 1024 MBytes files.
 On NTFS, HPFS, LVM, ext2/3, etc file will remain as 1 large file.
You can create VM with a virtual drive, or without a virtual drive,
upto you.  Inside a VM, a physical drive partition can also be used
as a virtual-drive.  And compacting features can be used to reduce
physical file-size, related to any VM.

Oracle VirtualBox and VMware WorkStation/Fusion/Player etc all have
extension-packs, which contains latest virtual drivers.  Some are
generic, GPL.  Some are proprietory.

If the Guest-OS disk/disc/drive/stick, pre-includes those
virtual-drivers, then such Guest-OS can run even better inside the VM.

Before installing VirtualBox or VMware, etc hypervisor software, do
this : Go inside your physical HOST computer's UEFI/EFI/BIOS
(usually by pressing F2, F10, F8, F1, Command, etc keboard buttons),
and enable feature such as : Virtualization, AMD-V, Intel VT-x, etc
... whichever you will see inside your BIOS/firmware.  Physical
computers which will have those Hardware(HW) based virtualization
support, then VM will run smoothly & faster in those computers,
videos will play better, OR ELSE, those hypervisor software will
create partial virtualization or para-virtualization
environment/container based VM ... which will be slow and less
smooth ... but will at-least run.

TAILS should release a VirtualBox VM based edition.

And disable/disconnect usb web-cam inside a VM, and better is to
cover the web-cam with a white-or-black small piece of paper.  Some
computers model already comes with a physical shutter to cover the
web-cam glass-hole.

PCI-passthrough features in hypervisor software can be used to
connect extra/2nd PCI / PCIe based keyboard interface or other
physical hardware devices DIRECTLY with the Guest-OS VM, to use a
completely separate keyboard or other device, than host's keyboard.

And there are GRUB, etc boot-manipulation software based tiny
bootable iso which can also be used with hypervisor/VM, to boot from
a Physical Bootable USB sticks, inside VM, directly.  Bootable USB
sticks can be imaged, and can be booted inside the VM as well.

Hope these info helps,
- -- Bright Star.

Received from intrigeri, on 2013-11-01 2:30 AM:
> Micah Lee wrote (31 Oct 2013 22:24:13 GMT) :
>> With SecureDrop, the viewing station requires Tails with persistent
>> storage, and you can only use persistent storage if you boot off of a
>> USB stick.
> FTR: you can boot from DVD and use persistence on a USB stick.
> It's not documented nor formally supported, but I'm told it
> works fine.
> Cheers,
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