[tor-talk] Secure email with limited usable metadata

Lunar lunar at torproject.org
Fri Aug 9 15:46:41 UTC 2013

> Independant mail nodes can work if done well, that's
> essentially what TorMail, Lavabit, SC, Hush, etc are.

No. “TorMail” is different as it contains “Tor” in the name, misleading
users to believe that it is run by the Tor project and that the trust
they put in Tor can be applied to a service provided by unknown

This is straight for the help desk: every time that thing called
“TorMail” went down, we had at least 10 people asking for help.

I sincerily hope it will stay down.

(And sorry about anyone who is having communication problems currently
due to its sudden shutdown.)

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