[tor-talk] Introducing Tor Forums :-)

Nathan Suchy theusernameiwantistaken at gmail.com
Wed Aug 7 00:14:13 UTC 2013

have taken the time to setup an Internet Discussion Board on Tor. It will
be as secure as possible and uses the PhpBB Forum Software. We will not
modify the PhpBB Software in any way other than adding Tapatalk but that
will not happen for a while. We are hosted by NFSN, Inc are cannot be taken
down except by a judge in the US. We will get a better domain name soon but
the current site name is http://www.torforums.tk/ I really hope you enjoy
the site :-)

Also if I could find some moderators and administrators that would be great
(create an account and give me your username). I need some people to help
with the site. I'd prefer that you have worked with phpBB or forum software

Currently the site is kinda basic so if you have any theme suggestions let
me know and also let me know how you would like the forums to be further

If the URL does not work for you please wait as the DNS Systems are
updating as fast as possible.

I will try to make the forums as unlimited as possible and I really hope
you enjoy the fourms :-)

Admin of Tor Forums

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