[tor-talk] Can the Hidden Service ever be FAST?

Arian Sanusi arian at sanusi.de
Sun Aug 4 13:39:40 UTC 2013

Hi Jerzy,

both the client and the hidden service establish a three hop circuit to the same tor relay, where the connections are joint, so hidden services will have even double the delay of normal tor traffic. If relays were homogeneous distributed among the globe, two random relays will be 1/4 earth circumference apart on average. This means that a round trip will have a speed of light delay of 12 hops * 10 000km each / 300 000 km/s speed of light. That's 400ms from finite speed of light. Switches, routers and relays along the way will add to that.

So no, hidden services will never be responsive. Bandwidth is something else, there are no in-principle boundaries.

On 04.08.2013 13:59, Jerzy Łogiewa wrote:
> Hello everyone!
> I am wondering: Is it possible to make the Hidden Service in Tor work near speed of standard web? It seems more and more that many sites should be offering Tor services and Tor connection. Is Tor like Freenet where most use makes faster connections, or opposite? How can Hidden Service be made faster?
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> Jerzy Łogiewa -- jerzyma at interia.eu

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