[tor-talk] anonymity: bridge users vs. entry guard users

proper at secure-mail.biz proper at secure-mail.biz
Fri May 25 16:07:35 UTC 2012

If I understand correctly, a bridge will be used as the first of three hops.

While users in non-censored areas can will use a certain amount of entry guards, users in censored areas get only three bridges per mail.

The entry guard users are more unlikely to suffer from unstable (goes offline) entry guards and blocking is also no issue. I read, that 80% of all bridges are blocked. Therefore I think it's safe to assume that 2 of 3 bridges, bridgedb gives out to users, are already blocked. And over time probable also that bridge will get blocked and the user has to request new bridges.

That means, that bridge users rotate their first hops more often than entry guard users. Is that true?

If that is true, that also means, that bridge users are sufficiently more vulnerable to attacks, which are circumvented by entry guards?

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