[tor-talk] "*.onion" performance tru "onion.to"

Fabio Pietrosanti (naif) lists at infosecurity.ch
Mon May 21 07:09:31 UTC 2012

On 5/20/12 11:50 PM, Jesus Cea wrote:
> I am thinking about deploying a few "*.onion" services, and I am
> getting a quite surprising result: accessing the services from the
> open web via "onion.to" proxy is *FAR* faster that going TOR native.
> What am I doing wrong?.
> Example of accessing "burninetliliito5.onion"
> Via "onion.to" proxy service: 3.44 seconds.
> Via TOR native: 9.21 seconds.

Also via Tor2web, we enabled on one of the node Tor2web mode:

1st request: 0m7.705s
2nd request: 0m1.898s

Please note that currently Tor2web.org is running 2 nodes and only one
of them run Tor2web mode with Tor2web 3.0:
burninetliliito5.tor2web.org (t2w 2.0 + standard tor)
burninetliliito5.tor2web.org (t2w 3.0 + t2w mode)


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