[tor-talk] Tor iOS repository is back online

sid77 at slackware.it sid77 at slackware.it
Mon May 14 15:27:40 UTC 2012

Hi all,
I'd like to announce that the Tor iOS repository is back online!

TL;DR is just a two step solution:
1) If you still have the old repository installed, remove the "Sid77's Source"
package, otherwise skip to step 2
2) Use Cydia to add a new repository and write or paste this url:

Quick FAQ:

+ What happenened?
Around the beginning of April, one of the machine of the slackware.it network
suffered an awful disaster. Both of its disks failed, and sid77.slackware.it
was hosted over there :(

+ There was a backup?
Obviously not. Well, to be honest, I *DID* a backup the day before the disaster but
I wasn't able to retrieve it in time. How lucky! :D

+ What does it mean?
Source code was mirrored on several places and on github.com so it wasn't a
big loss, however, the old GPG signing key with ID 0x6295C2FE is gone and
lost. Eventually, it will expires in 2015 but I am pretty ashamed of not
having a revoke certificate handy.

+ Why did it take you so long?
Me and the rest of slackware.it admins were all busy with Real Life(tm), we
tried to recover what we could from the disaster before rebuilding the missing
pieces from scratch.

+ Ok, now what? How can I have the repository back?
First, if you still have the old repository installed, remove the "Sid77's
Source" package, otherwise go on.
Open Cydia then go to Sources->Edit->Add and write or paste this url:
http://sid77.slackware.it/ios/ then tap "Add Source".
Once the repository is recognized tap, on "evelyn" (its name) and install or
upgrade "Tor Toggle".
Packages are signed with the new key with ID 0x09F4FCCE: Cydia will import it
as son you add the new source to your repositories.

+ Do you know there's a "Mobile Tor" package on Big Boss repository?
Yes I do. It's not mine nor I endorse it. It was uploaded by "W00t" and its
package ID is org.torproject.mobiletor but I do not think its an official
torproject.org package.
I downloaded the deb and, as far I can tell, it should be an all-in-one
version of every package I have released so far: it contains Tor, Polipo,
libevent and the startup scripts. I think it misses the SBSettings toggle but
I'm not that sure.
I have already released an updated "Mobile Tor" version 0.3-4 in my repository
which should be picked up by Cydia. In theory, the upgraded version was
useless as the two packages have different IDs but I'd like to be better safe
then sorry ;-) Well, it should be a good idea to remove BigBoss' "Mobile Tor"
before upgrading to my packages as both of them will try to write the same

That's all, in the following days I will update the rest of the site with
package descriptions and everything else.


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