[tor-talk] Server/host for Tor forum in Iceland or Norway?

Jef Heri jefheri1 at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 30 14:26:56 UTC 2012

Hello list,

I am interested in setting up a small Tor centric message board. Due to recent (and not so recent) events in U.S. Congress, E.U., and etc., I want to setup the message board in a country with strong -- and smart -- Internet privacy and security laws. As I understand matters, Iceland or Norway seem to be the best choices; is that correct? (I believe the Tor Project, or a group affiliated with them, uses servers in Iceland, but I could be mistaken)

Can anyone suggest (ideally from personal, or second hand, experience) 'good' hosts in Iceland or Norway? I also plan on setting up a Tor exit enclave and maybe Hidden Service address for the message board. 

[note: I only speak/read English, sadly]


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