[tor-talk] Combining Accounting* and RelayBandwidth* settings; changing IPv6 port.

Ondrej Mikle ondrej.mikle at gmail.com
Wed Mar 28 21:39:32 UTC 2012


I'm bit confused about the various bandwidth-limiting options, currently I've
set for a bridge running latest Tor alpha

RelayBandwidthRate 512 KB
RelayBandwidthBurst 1024 KB
AccountingMax 90 GB
AccountingStart month 1 00:00

What I'm trying to achieve: I've got 90 GB traffic per month that can be spent
for the bridge, but it should be limited to the 512/1024 KB/s max so that the
machine can be worked with even if under full load.

Secondly, I've changed port on the IPv6 address. Do I need to report it manually
to Linus or do IPv6 bridges already propagate through BridgeDB?


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