[tor-talk] Designing a secure "Tor box" for safe web browsing?

proper at secure-mail.biz proper at secure-mail.biz
Mon Mar 26 13:36:31 UTC 2012

> I'm curious about what resources
> proved to be limiting during your
> experiments, and what "too demanding"
> means in your usecases.
> Knowing these figures would make this report useful,
> to a degree, to
> draw conclusions for other usecases.

Quoted from http://dee.su/liberte
"Moreover, some concepts that are only theoretically considered in Tails, such as virtualization of applications, had been already implemented in Liberté Linux in the past, but were ultimately rejected — the Inception mechanism of self-virtualization was found to be too resource-demanding of the typical hardware available to users."

Let's see if he wants to expand that.

> > and ultimately
> pointless (personal opinion).
> I would be happy to learn why you consider
> this is pointless.

Question still open.

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