[tor-talk] AllowDotExit

Seth David Schoen schoen at eff.org
Sun Mar 25 04:31:00 UTC 2012

Eric writes:

> using https://xxx.com.foo.ext
> is there a way i can keep the pages within .exit?
> after the first page the succeeding pages opens in normal url outside the
> .exit

The trouble is that the site generates links that contain an explicit domain
name and the browser simply follows those links.

You could abuse HTTPS Everywhere to do what you want, because it's capable of
doing arbitrary URL rewriting.  HTTPS Everywhere is also preinstalled in the
Tor Browser Bundle.  If you make an HTTPS Everywhere rule to do your rewrite
and then put it inside your


directory, it should only affect the Tor Browser.

The content of the rule would look something like

<ruleset name="Example.com via foo.exit">
  <target host="example.com" />
  <target host="www.example.com" />

  <rule from="^https?://(www\.)?example\.com/" to="https://example.com.foo.exit/" />

This rewrites any URLs under http://example.com/, http://www.example.com/,
https://example.com/, or https://www.example.com/ to instead point through
https://example.com.foo.exit/.  The browser will still show the unmodified
links if you mouse over them, but it should use the modified links if you
actually follow a link.

I don't know whether the Tor Browser also edits the Host and the Referer
headers in this case in a way that removes the .exit from the hostname to
avoid confusing the site.

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