[tor-talk] trouble changing Aurora menu button color - userChrome.css

Joe Btfsplk joebtfsplk at gmx.com
Thu Mar 22 16:28:21 UTC 2012

Do others find that Aurora (no longer says Aurora) has almost the same 
orange color as Firefox for main menu button, to be confusing, when have 
TBB & Firefox both open (I believe the UI element name is 

I'm unable to correctly edit the userChrome.css file in TBB profile, to 
change the color from orange to green (or what ever).  I hope when it 
changes the menu button color, it'll also change the icon color in the 
Windows tray.

I've edited the userChrome & userContent.css files before, but this 
doesn't work in TBB.  I'm assuming that Aurora WILL use the 
userChrome.css file, if proper commands w/ proper syntax are entered?

Here's the command I found on Lifehacker to change the app-menu button 
color (using rgba instead of rgb).  I edited the userChrome.css file 
that's in the path "E:\Temp\Tor Browser\TBB 2.2.35-8\Tor 
Browser\FirefoxPortable\Data\profile\chrome".  This is same main path 
(folder) where I launch TBB, using "Start Tor browser.exe."

> /* This changes color of orange Firefox menu button. */
> #appmenu-button {
> background-color: rgba(0,128,0,.8) !important;
I also tried putting spaces between the decimal values:  rgba(0, 128, 0, 
.8).... which made no difference.

Can anyone see the problem - if there's one w/ syntax?  Or is there 
another issue I'm overlooking w/ Aurora / TBB?


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