[tor-talk] Orbot and firewall?

Number Six number6 at elitemail.org
Thu Mar 22 06:59:37 UTC 2012

On Wed, Mar 21, 2012, at 07:58 AM, Jude Young wrote:
> Hate to ask, but I don't know what country you live in... If you live
> in the US, your service provider might have installed Carrier IQ.
> That would render Tor dangerous since they could potentially see that
> you are running Tor, and see all of the activities/data that goes
> through Tor.
> I'm pretty sure everyone knows about this, just wanted to throw that
> out there.

IMHO, the main benefit of Cyanogenmod is removing every carrier addon
that plagues your phone. CarrierIQ is just one of the many ways you get
screwed by the default firmware. There are all sorts of other data
sharing partnerships behind the scenes, and tons of sketchy apps with
obscene permissions that make it obvious what is going on.....

Yet still, without an open source radio firmware, we will never be free
from the "silent call" features that are /built in to the GSM protocol/
to allow it to ping and surveil users. Worse, now that the "good guys"
have finally audited GSM and found these backdoors, it only takes a bad
guy with GNU radio nearby for you to get pwnt... replicant.us!!!

P.S. Watch out for those floating beachballs, they will mess you up...

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