[tor-talk] Setting up Tor on Ubuntu

Dererk dererk at madap.com.ar
Thu Mar 22 04:51:01 UTC 2012

On 21/03/12 00:28, Simon Brereton wrote:
> Hi
> Let me apologise at the outset for ignoring the TBB.  I plan on doing
> so later, but as this is my first experiment with Tor, I would like to
> try and educate myself and that means doing things the hard way.
> Sadly, the hard way isn't working.
> So, then I installed vidalia and privoxy.  Once I stopped tor (sudo
> /etc/init.d/tor stop) and started vidalia, I get the control panel up.
> If I start tor from the control panel, I get..
> Vidalia detectd that the Tor software exited unexpectedly.
> The log file says:
> Mar 20 22:58:45.620 [Warning] /var/run/tor is not owned by this user
> (spb, 1000) but by debian-tor (116). Perhaps you are running Tor as
> the wrong user?
You could implement any approach present at the package documentation.


     The 'But...'

     On the other hand, there could be a few situations in which you
    wont be able
      to use this configuration profile, some of them being:

      - You couldn't convince an admin to add you into the list of local
        users allowed to control Tor
      - The Tor instance you're willing to control runs on a remote host
      - Some old manuscripts have recently revealed vulnerabilities on the
        unixsocket implementation, or simply you just don't wish to use
    it because
        you dislike the word 'unix' on 'unixsocket'.

     In this cases, or whichever ones you may find, you can still make
    use any of
      the following alternatives:

      1. If facing a local Tor daemon situation in which you are unable
    to connect
         for some reason to the system-wide Tor's Control Socket (as the
         explained below), you can still launch a personal Tor session
    and manually
         configure Vidalia to use it.

      2. Enable Tor's ControlPort and enable CookieAuthentication in
    Tor's config,
        then grab the cookie file from /var/lib/tor/control_auth_cookie,

      3. Enable Tor's ControlPort, get a hashed password at 'tor
        load back the output into the HashedControlPassword Tor's config

Detailed explanation to be found on your system at:

> The only search result I can find on Google for this is over 5 years
> old.  https://trac-vidalia.torproject.org/projects/vidalia/ticket/239
This issue is related to #4716 and #4823.



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