[tor-talk] "Invalid Server Certificate" accessing torproject.org on Chrome/Windows

Pascal Pascal666 at Users.SourceForge.Net
Wed Mar 21 06:29:18 UTC 2012

Though the cert chain for www.torproject.org is now fixed on and, it is still broken on


On 1/4/2012 8:51 PM, Andrew Lewman wrote:
> I think this is fixed for www.torproject.org now. Digicert apparently
> updated their ca chained certs at some point. I've put the updated
> ca-certs on the www servers. If this works, we can update them on all
> torproject servers.
> And for fun, I've attached the gnutls-cli output of the old cert in
> place and the new cert in place.
> tl;dr we went from:
> our cert ->  DigiCert High Assurance CA-3
> to now:
> cert ->  DigiCert High Assurance CA-3 ->  DigiCert High Assurance EV Root
> CA
> I couldn't replicate the problem in Chromium, FF9, nor whatever version
> of android i have on an obsolete phone.
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