[tor-talk] Verifying signatures

Achter Lieber zzretro999 at email2me.net
Tue Mar 20 06:46:10 UTC 2012

Hullo (',') 

 In light of some fairly recent postings about making it easier to verify signatures on new Tor downloads,
 I was wondering if anyone has any knowledge of a percentage (if there is at all) of new downloads that are, indeed,
 or have been, compromised Tor Browser Bundles?

 And also, what could, would or can a compromised bundle be used to do - against the client?

 I have to use internet cafe computers and cannot install GPG on them to help me even learn how to verify the sigs,
 so all I have available is getting the new version onto a USB and running it from there with my fingers crossed.

 tanks everywhere just like https everywhere

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