[tor-talk] Orbot and firewall?

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Sun Mar 18 18:03:55 UTC 2012

On 17/03/12 22:59, Nathan Freitas wrote:

> Droidwall is an open source firewall manager that requires root and can be used with Orbot as long as you do not use the transparent proxy feature of Orbot.

I used to use Droidwall, but I now use LBE Privacy Guard instead. LBE
Privacy Guard provides a per application network firewall, but it also
lets you block loads of other stuff on a per app basis too, like access
to location, the call history, contacts, IMEI and so on. When an app
tries to access one of these things, it pops up a confirmation dialogue
where you can specify allow/block and whether or not to remember that
choice. It is also free, but it also requires a rooted phone.

Although the above sounds a bit like an advert, I have no affiliation
with the author of the application other than as a very happy user.

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