[tor-talk] Functioning Google scraper / search engine?

Mr Dash Four mr.dash.four at googlemail.com
Fri Mar 16 19:56:34 UTC 2012

> duckduckgo.comf/html - without javascripts
Indeed (assuming it was "duckduckgo.com" - without the "f")!

For Firefox users out there - 

and then pick up your choice of: 1) NO JS; 2) with SSL; and 3) NO 
filter/Ads (I thought the "lite" version was the best as it offered all 
3 and there is no unnecessary clutter on the screen too) - plenty of 
choices there, which work - at least on first glance there is nothing 
suspicious anyway.

I have modified one of the search engine scripts on offer there to suit 
my own (personal) needs and also made it to work on my smartphone.

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