[tor-talk] Best practice yet again

eliaz eliaz at tormail.net
Thu Mar 15 04:51:45 UTC 2012

So my bridge relay has been running fine in the weeks since I set it up,
the usage summary is showing up to eight or nine different countries, no
trouble is showing up in the logs. Memory usage seems a little high
running on Vista_ x64 but I can live with it. I still have a little
concern that some bad actors are walking across the bridge, but I guess
there's nothing to do about that. The problem is that I'm doing
everything on one machine and have to stop Tor for 20 minutes or an hour
every four days or so to do some housekeeping, and I'm not sure if the
disruption that may be causing warrants my putting in a dedicated
machine. I've written ShutdownWaitLength 40 into torrc; since I mostly
run the bridge but don't log onto the network much myself, I've also set
KeepalivePeriod 7200 (2 hours). Are there are other torrc options that
will help mitigate the effect of the shutdowns? I also reboot my gateway
(the router/modem firewall) once every day or two and I don't know how
disruptive the resulting change in bridge address is. Any advice as to
best practice would be appreciated. - eliaz
gpg: 0xC3E1E38D

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