[tor-talk] Tor traffic statistics?

Klaus Layer klaus.layer at gmx.de
Wed Mar 7 21:19:16 UTC 2012

"Fabio Pietrosanti (naif)" <lists at infosecurity.ch> wrote on 07.03.2012:
> - Which are the first top 20 Tor Exit Node (in terms of amount of Tor
> Exit traffic) ?
> - Those 20 Tor Exit Nodes, how much bandwidth does respect to the
> overall Tor Exit traffic of the Tor Network?
> Which is the best way to get data to answer those kind of questions?

You can simply go to http://torstatus.all.de, select all exit nodes and sort 
the result for Bandwidth. Export to CVS and download it. With this data you 
have the top 20 exit nodes and the measured bandwidth for all exits. This data  
should allow you to answer the questions. Please let us know the result.


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