[tor-talk] How to contribute / takeover a sub project?

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Wed Mar 7 01:58:39 UTC 2012

I am delighted that you as one of the original TorVM developers, is answering this thread. If you are still interested in this project, you are invited to join us.

> > My project, TorBOX [4] offers the already
> same functionality.
> not quite; some differences that drove the original
> Tor VM effort:
> - you rely on closed source virtualization (Tor VM builds
> modified
> Qemu from source)

Nothing is closed source. VirtualBox is used as virtualizer. Nowadays VirtualBox is fully Open Source. It was not in past, but now it is. There is a closed source extension package for VirtualBox with stuff like rdp, but that is not required. We use only the Open Source edition which is available for Windows, Linux, etc.

> - you don't support windows robustly (e.g. the
> /29 discussion,

We do. It's secured through an internal network. You confirmed it in a cursory check.

If you see any issues with it, let us know.

> simplified install/run)
> that said, you do have many additional
> useful features in TorBOX.
> > Almost all key features are ready and almost
> all critical issues have been solved. TorVM has been forked, components exchanged,
> extended, build process simplified and documented. Users with basic linux
> knowledge can use the howto and set it up.
> there seem to be different audiences
> here. Tor VM was explicitly
> targeted for windows

Windows and Linux is supported as host operating system.

> and ease of use
> (no technical
> know how required).

It's also our goal. We make it as easy as possible.

> it didn't quite get there, but calling TorBOX equivalent
> is a bit
> misleading.
<snip> TorVM would be renamed
> to TorBOX.
> what would be the purpose?
> (Do you just
> prefer the name?)

I prefer the name. TorBOX
offers more
than TorVM. I believe it is the more appropriate name. Reasons:
- TorBOX can be run either in virtual machines
- or in a "box" (real hardware, "bare metal" as described in the article)
- and is also "a closed box", in meaning of that the protocol can not leak the IP as it's confined in a "box"

> make TorBOX easy to use on windows.
> then it could provide what the Tor
> VM experiment failed to do.

We are working on it.

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