[tor-talk] TBB Users: We Need New Directions on Torifying Software! Solution Required! (Still not solved, month #3)

andrew at torproject.is andrew at torproject.is
Sun Mar 4 03:12:41 UTC 2012

On Sun, Mar 04, 2012 at 02:29:31AM -0000, ming at tormail.net wrote 1.6K bytes in 45 lines about:
: This is my second attempt today to send this message. Is it being deleted
: by moderation because TBB may be a method of eliminating Tor use outside
: of the browser and (maybe, IMO) the developers (may) wish to keep (a
: larger majority of the) people in this walled Tor browser garden? My
: other, unrelated message went through within seconds and was added to the
: list.

Your mail provider, tormail.net, sure does some odd things when emailing:

relay=incoming.tormail.net[]:25, delay=18,
delays=0.06/0.81/2.1/15, dsn=5.0.0, status=bounced (host
incoming.tormail.net[] said: 550 Invalid header from
address - attempt to impersonate ming at tormail.net (in reply to end of
DATA command))

and "Mar  4 02:23:20 UTC" is the only time you've emailed tor-talk
according to the mail server.

The TBB walled garden, as you put it, is called the Internet plus the
dot onion namespace.

: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/doc/TorifyHOWTO

And I quote, "UPDATE and WARNING

This article is already a little dated. As Tor constantly evolves also the
knowledge about anonymity evolves. Things become more and more complex.

Do not torify any applications yourself unless you exactly know what
you are doing. Of course you are free to understand the complexity,
to research and to provide new instructions.

See this article more as a reference for developers and advanced users,
if you aren't one of them, for your own security, rather stick with the
Tor Browser Bundle form torproject.org. "

: We who use the TBB do not have torify, usewithtor, tor-resolve, socat,
: torsocks, privoxy, polipo and other types of programs within the TBB
: directory.

You can install them and configure them yourself. There is nothing
stopping you.

: I propose someone create a new page for Torifying software, aimed squarely
: at TBB users. Would installing a proxy like Polipo or Privoxy and telling
: Vidalia to use an HTTP proxy be enough? If so, where and what do we
: configure with the proxy and Vidalia?

It's a wiki, which allows anonymous users, that anyone can edit and
improve. Please help improve the content.

pgp 0x74ED336B

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