[tor-talk] number of relays by country?

eliaz eliaz at tormail.net
Sat Mar 3 04:03:47 UTC 2012

Partly as a way of learning more about my normal bridge works I'm
thinking of asking a friend of mine in a far country to set up a tor
client. There are no relays in his country as far as I can tell from the
Network Map & listing, since I can't arrange the listing completely
alphabetically by clicking on the flag column & I'm going blind
scrolling thru it.

Is there somewhere a list of the number of relays by country?

Also, I suppose I should warn my friend not to set up his client as an
exit node if it's to be the only one in his country. But would he be
less than normally anonymous (that is, subject to discovery at other
than entry & exit nodes) just by connecting via my bridge? I hope these
questions make sense. - eliaz
gpg ID: C3E1E38D

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