[tor-talk] Operating system updates / software installation behind Tor Transparent Proxy

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Fri Mar 2 07:12:40 UTC 2012

> Robert Ransom wrote:
> FreeBSD, apt, GPG, [etc]

Unfortunately, I know of none that do OpenPGP right. Such as signing
their git (sha-1 tree strength) repos upon init and each release tag,
distributing keys with said releases/announcements, and integrating
that so on down the chain, into updates, and beyond. Honestly, I
view it as a shame upon the major unix systems such as Debian
and FreeBSD who should truly know better and are in the best
position as free communities to do something about it.

I'd even venture that Windows may be further along to date,
save only for their incidence of general system exploits :(

> automatic updaters

Never saw much use for these in the anon sphere. Not like clicking
update now is that hard. Beats regularly broadcasting your existance.

> Of course, if you live in Iran, you're probably better off taking your
> chances with exit-node roulette than downloading unsigned, unverified
> updates directly through a known-malicious ISP.


> Just don't expect your transparently proxied traffic to stay anonymous.

Similarly, and particularly as to being able to match to your system ID
once they have it in hand.

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