[tor-talk] Tor plus VPN (was re: Hi all!)

proper at tormail.net proper at tormail.net
Sun Jan 22 10:57:38 UTC 2012

> Another advantage here is that it prevents Tor from seeing who you are
> behind the VPN. So if somebody does manage to break Tor and learn the IP
> address your traffic is coming from, but your VPN was actually following
> through on their promises (they won't watch, they won't remember, and
> they will somehow magically make it so nobody else is watching either),
> then you'll be better off.
> Even if you pay for them anonymously, you're making a bottleneck where
> all your traffic goes -- the VPN can build a profile of everything you
> do, and over time that will probably be really dangerous.
> In short, I think "You -> VPN provider -> Tor network" can be a fine idea,
> assuming your VPN provider's network is in fact sufficiently safer than
> your own network; but "You -> Tor network -> VPN provider" is generally
> a really poor plan.
> --Roger

With your permission, parts of this could be used in the torproject.org
wiki. Mailing list discussion would be linked. I am going to create a new
article related to Tor plus VPN.

Can you agree with that?

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