[tor-talk] Let's make Onion Addresses Meaningful To Humans

Ahmed Hassan ahmed at linuxism.com
Sat Feb 25 10:14:45 UTC 2012

OK, here are some real examples I got from a dictionary that has a 67843
words. I collected most of the words from the Bible and Gutenberg

I used Python to convert to decimal from base 32.

3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion = cowboys-slipt-pisanio-utgar-spinnt.onion 

Official Tor package archive
j6im4v42ur6dpic3.onion = merton-arkader-eozon-yea-russky.onion 

The last part means literally "I'm Russian" in Russian


Hit listen in Russian

Official Tor media archive
http://p3igkncehackjtib.onion/ = puzzler-longis-fido-jipal-vilda.onion 

The size of the dictionary is 455K uncompressed, and 163K compressed by

Hmm, What do you think?

Should I post this to tor-dev?

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