[tor-talk] Tor version in OpenWRT Backfire

Chris tmail299 at errtech.com
Sat Feb 25 04:10:21 UTC 2012

This probably isn't a good approach. It would probably be better to write
a program for the OpenWRT implementation that regularly checks for newer
versions and downloads+installs as necessary automatically. You would need
to have it check the asc file too of course. There isn't a need to include
an outdated version of Tor in flash itself. Tor is updated too frequently
and I imagine could pose a security risk.

You know what is needed is a program to install Tor in ram on

> Hi,
> The tor version in the current stable OpenWRT, 10.3.1 "Backfire", is
>, which complains on startup that it is too old.  I would like
> to get a more recent version included in Backfire.
> Could any of the tor developers comment which version of tor is suitable
> for inclusion in a long-term stable branch of OpenWRT, which will be
> flashed onto routers that, for the most part, are never upgraded?
> Thanks,
> -- Juliusz
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