[tor-talk] help Tor release 0.2.3.x!

Jacob Appelbaum jacob at appelbaum.net
Wed Feb 22 00:31:29 UTC 2012

Dear Tor community,

We'd like to encourage contribution from the larger Tor community and
help to get 0.2.3.x out as a proper Tor release. Often development
blocks on a few people and at todays Seattle developer meeting, we've
identified that we could use some help!

First up - please consider subscribing to tor-dev:

Secondly, are you able to program in C? No? Do you want to learn? Do you
want to learn about tor and help improve it? Consider looking at these
"easy" bugs, helping to close them is a great way to start:


Are you feeling like you'd like to help us with the most critical, major
or blocker bugs? These bugs must be resolved before the 0.2.3.x release:


Every bug is important and we've got quite a few that could use some
help. Please consider looking and contributing to the full list:


We'd very much like everyone to consider themselves welcome to help.
We'd love the help and we'd like to grow the number of people willing
and able to lend a helping hand!

All the best,

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