[tor-talk] Scroogle is No More?

Mr Dash Four mr.dash.four at googlemail.com
Tue Feb 21 18:32:52 UTC 2012

> Again, the msg you are seeing may not accurately describe the problem.
It does to me! A search engine is interested in my browser privacy 
settings and whether I use "privacy-oriented browser extensions". It 
goes on to "advice" me to turn OFF my "privacy-oriented browser 
extensions" in order to use that same search engine - that message looks 
pretty clear and straight-forward to me and that is why I won't use this 
site at all, as I value my privacy. As I already posted, any sane 
individual out there would do the same.

> Their privacy policy has also been certified by Certified Secure.
Which means what to me exactly?!

> Before calling them an abomination, you can't know what the problem is 
> at this point.
I have no interest whatsoever in starting to dig out "what the problem 
is" as to me it is a clear-cut case of yet-another-no-mark-site vying 
for a customer base to profit from. Thanks, but no thanks!

>   I've used "privacy oriented browser extensions" & Ixquick for years.
Well, the fact that you have used ixquick instead of scroogle "for 
years", given that until a week or so ago scroogle was available speak 

> I'm pretty confident that Ixquick doesn't care about users hiding 
> private info from them.  They don't require cookies (for basic 
> search), no java, 
Do they use javascript?

> don't use web beacons / trackers, don't log IP addresses (at all) or 
> keep search terms.
And you know this how, exactly?!

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