[tor-talk] Question about hidden services

Martin Hubbard Martin.Hubbard at gmx.us
Tue Feb 21 18:29:47 UTC 2012

If there are multiple servers hosting a hidden service using the same private key and URL, the one that has announced most recently gets the requests. During transitions, there's apparently some network segmentation. At times, different clients can be simultaneously hitting different hosts. But it seems to settle down after a while. There are some interesting possibilities here, I think.

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 Hey all, I was unable to find this question in the documentation, so I'll ask it here. I hope it's the right place. What happens when two servers running TOR provide a hidden service using the same private key? Which one will get the requests for that service? Will it be distributed randomly, or will there be some kind of conflict? Thanks, John _______________________________________________ tor-talk mailing list tor-talk at lists.torproject.org https://lists.torproject.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/tor-talk

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