[tor-talk] some clarifications on hidden services ...

John Case case at SDF.ORG
Mon Feb 13 00:40:02 UTC 2012

I've read through /docs/hidden-services.html.en a few times over and I 
need some points clarified, if someone would be so kind ...

- Can I choose more than 3 random relays to announce my hidden service to 
?  These are the "entry guards" that the doc refers to later, right ?

- If all of the random relays that I announce to initially go away, will I 
see that in logs/errors/messages, or be alerted in some way ?  I assume 
I'd need to reintroduce the service, but I could keep the same .onion 
address, right ?

- Other than losing my own keys, is there anything else that would force 
me to use a new .onion addre ?  Or can those stay persistent indefinitely 

- Can I move my hidden service around, physically, from network to 
network, and just reintroduce myself with each move ?  I assume this adds 
to my risks, since each reintroduction tells three more organizations the 
real IP of my hidden service, yes ?

Thanks you.

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