[tor-talk] How to use Tor Browser without TBB Bundle?

The Doctor drwho at virtadpt.net
Fri Feb 10 17:26:28 UTC 2012

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On 02/09/2012 07:27 PM, Phillip wrote:

> However, new problem - it's giving me a "proxy server is refusing 
> connections" error. I already have Vidalia running... is that
> because I don't have Polipo?


It could be.  I have a Polipo-Tor chain running on my machine, and
running Aurora works for me.  Looking at the configuration of Aurora
on my machine shows that it's configured to use a SOCKS5 proxy server
running on and listening on 9050/TCP, which is my copy of
Tor running as a daemon.

Running tcpdump on my system (tcpdump -i lo -s 0 -v -X -n port 9050)
and starting Aurora shows that it does indeed connect to
localhost:9050 on startup when it tries to access
check.torproject.org, so it's ignoring my copy of Polipo.  That said,
I don't think the problem you're seeing has to do with Polipo running
or not running.

Check Vidalia - is Tor running?  Moreover, look at the list of
processes running on your system and make sure that Tor's running.

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