[tor-talk] tor-blocking sites

Praedor praedor at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 9 14:22:27 UTC 2012

I must say that I believe tor should be working to try to defeat/get around tor blocking.  You DO realise that as more and more sites block tor as a matter of course it makes tor less and less useful right?  It then becomes very simple for governments to defeat anonymity services like tor entirely by simply requiring by law that tor exits be blocked by any number of important internet "infrastructure" sites.  

What use is tor if every site you want to connect to via tor blocks you?  May as well simply terminate the tor project for all the use it is.

On Monday, February 06, 2012 02:24:31 PM Mr Dash Four wrote:
> I am sick of them all!
> Initially, there was a small number of these in the wild, but now it is 
> widely spread - google is the main offender, but youtube (which is, as 
> we all know, google-owned) and now, wait for it, scroogle.org (a site I 
> use a lot) is also at it!
> Tor-blocking could be very easily to implement by parsing 
> cached-descriptors{.new} to see all exit nodes and then add them to a 
> blacklist and start blocking. Is there anything which can be done to 
> prevent this?
> I am thinking of something similar to what is currently in existence 
> with the bridge system - you don't know them all, just a portion of it, 
> enough to connect you to the network. Could something similar be 
> implemented with tor?
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