[tor-talk] There is some rotten in the state of Denmark

Carmen Sandiego carmensandieg0r at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 13 11:09:09 UTC 2012

Thanks for the post, torrorist!

I wonder if you've done the appropriate analysis of your results?
If yes, have you found anything of interest?

Do you think that all or most of those servers are related and ran by the same person?
Also, what do you propose? To bad-exit those nodes based on a weird heuristic?

Maybe the most reasonable action would be to send a mail 
to privacyrepublic.org (and to the other operators who added Contact lines) saying
"Hi, I see you have a pretty restrictive exit policy. Why don't you liberate it a bit and
also accept some encrypted traffic while you are at it?"

I bet that 'emgent' from privacyrepublic.org [0] (cc'ed) would be happy to help: he seems like a
polite gentleman who doesn't stick his nose where he doesn't belong.
After all, if his intentions were evil, he wouldn't have a Contact line, would he?

Take care!

(Sorry for the repost. Emails are so hard!)


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