[tor-talk] simple example in ruby

grubymis at tormail.org grubymis at tormail.org
Thu Aug 9 08:18:23 UTC 2012

> Use the middle proxy started by tor.
> I can't write Ruby, but I guess there is a built-in method to go
> through a proxy before connecting to a website.
> The proxy will send you inside tor.

1. I no need using website. I need only inside tor services.
2. Show me example in C if You not know ruby.
3. Proxy is good idea but I canot found any example.

Small simple example to communication using udp, socks etc.

>> Please send me a simple example in Ruby lua or C.
>> How I can read from onion adress.
>> connect to ypr7i2smxhcjalla.onion
>> sock.write("string")
>> and get ansver.
>> I need simple 2way communication. No comunication outside tor only
>> inside.

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