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Mon Apr 16 12:41:17 UTC 2012

It is really weird, that Vidalia closes by default, when you close Firefox. There is no option to change that. It does not make sense, if people are expected, to enable contributing to the Tor network using Vidalia. No one can be expected to leave Firefox running 24/7. Do we have a ticket about this issue?

In meanwhile I did setup a workaround for your issue. Please test and leave feedback.

Wait if better answers come. (Perhaps I have overseen the option.)

> Greetings,
> I'm a newbie in Onionland—I installed TBB on my Linux machine 2
> days
> ago—and I have a question:
> My computer is old and I can't afford to run
> Firefox non-stop, so I close
> it when I don't use it and leave Vidalia running
> (I have a relay set up).
> When I try to run Firefox again
from "tor-browser_en-US/App/Firefox/"
> directory
> by clicking on "firefox" executable, it fails to run. If I run
> it
> in terminal like this ".App/Firefox/firefox -no-remote -profile
> ./Data/profile/
> &" it opens successfully, but I get the following message: "
> *The
> proxy server is refusing connections. Firefox is configured to use a
> proxy
> server that is refusing connections.*" So how should I start the
> browser
> correctly when Vidalia is already running?
> Thanks!
> Agapetos
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