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David H. Lipman DLipman at Verizon.Net
Tue Apr 10 22:21:53 UTC 2012

From: "miniBill" <cmt.minibill at gmail.com>

> Il 10 aprile 2012 20:44, David H. Lipman <DLipman at verizon.net> ha scritto:
>> From: "Joe Btfsplk" <joebtfsplk at gmx.com>
>>> On 4/10/2012 9:32 AM, Tor User0000 wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> I think the most annoying thing using TOR are failed downloads. :-(
>>>> You try to download a 5MB file and the download stops various times and
>>>> you
>>>> have to start over and over again, crossing all fingers to get the file
>>>> downloaded.
>>>> As Firefox does not support very good download management, its a pain 
>>>> to
>>>> download even small files with TOR.
>>>> Is there any add-on or app that can be used without been concerned 
>>>> about
>>>> security (Linux)?
>>>> I just want a working resume function, nothing else.
>>> I'd be leery of stand alone download mgrs w/o thorough research.  Some
>>> have been identified as adware, spyware.  A "safe" one wouldn't be 
>>> phoning
>>> home for any reason unless directed to.  Meaning, you could turn off
>>> updates, etc.
>>> I can't say 100% it would never compromise Tor anonymity, but I've used
>>> DownThemAll addon for Firefox for a long time & it's extremely popular.
>>> Maybe others can comment if there's a chance it could violate privacy
>>> using Tor / TBB.
>> GNU WGET is 100% safe.
> Except for DNS requests...

When going through a Tor Proxy, the proxy makes the requests.

I have seen this when downloading malware from known malicious sites that 
some DNS servers have poisoned while my chosen DNS servers have not 

Multi-AV Scanning Tool - http://multi-av.thespykiller.co.uk

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