[tor-talk] still problems - update available

Joe Btfsplk joebtfsplk at gmx.com
Fri Oct 14 22:18:59 UTC 2011

On 10/14/2011 3:07 PM, Mike Perry wrote:
> Thus spake Joe Btfsplk (joebtfsplk at gmx.com):
>> Someone said the problem of inaccurate notices from TBB that an update
>> was available was fixed.  This morning, I'm still getting the notice.
>> This is the page it accesses if click link in Aurora:
>> https://www.torproject.org/download/download-easy.html
>> What * exact file&  data * is the version check using in TBB to check
>> against "latest" avail. versions from Tor Project?  I looked at several
>> files - from the version I'm launching - (I * cold booted * machine
>> overnight).  The files indicate I'm indeed using v2.2.33-3 - which also
>> appears to be latest on Tor Project site.
> The process is driven by Torbutton, and works like this:
> 1. Download https://check.torproject.org/RecommendedTBBVersions
> 2. Compare each entry in that list against the about:config value
> torbrowser.version
> 3a. If we found a match in the list, load
> https://check.torproject.org/?lang=en-US&small=1&uptodate=1
> 3b. If we did not find a match in the list, load
> https://check.torproject.org/?lang=en-US&small=1&uptodate=0
> 3c. If there was a parse error or the download failed, load the
> default homepage, which should be
> https://check.torproject.org/?lang=en-US&small=1
> In the case of 3c, there should be a Torbutton WARN message in
> Tools->Web Developer->Error Console that tells you the nature of the
> failure.
> Which check.tp.o URL is your TBB loading?
> What is the value of torbrowser.version?
There's the problem.  The line in about:config is:  torbrowser.version;  
user set  2.2.32-4-Windows-
Also, in prefs.js, has this line:
"user_pref("torbrowser.version", "2.2.32-4-Windows-");"
Only thing is, "user" didn't set it.  What I discovered from extracting 
another fresh 2.2.33-3 to a diff folder, is it is already a pre 
configured "user pref" that names the version.  If it's pre configured, 
it's not a user set pref.  And what does the browser ver # have to do w/ 
a * user * pref?

Should it be called a default string value, rather than a user pref ?  
Maybe there was a reason, but I don't see why it couldn't / shouldn't be 
a default value in about:config.  After all, there's not really an 
"upgrade" mechanism - you just d/l the new TBB & extract into a folder.

The problem w/ the startup page showing there was a new version, was I 
copied my old profile (say from 2.2.32-4) into the latest TBB ver 
profile folder.  Something perfectly normal & acceptable in Firefox.  
Why would I want to reconfig the Aurora UI ( things like not show 
suggestions when typing in address bar, font size, etc.), or reinstall & 
reconfigure the few extensions used in TBB - every time a new version 
comes out?

Because TBB calls the string for "torbrowser.version" a USER pref, it 
got stored in my BU profile from earlier version & copied into latest TBB.

When I * manually " check for updates thru options / help, it does NOT 
notify of a later avail ver.  So, process of * manually * checking 
updates must be different than one used at startup.  Or maybe they're 
checking 2 diff things?

Unless for each new TBB ver, where I want to use my * existing * 
profile,  I manually edit the torbrowser.version string to match latest 
ver just installed, I'd always get the erroneous startup screen msg.  
Doesn't seem like it's set up for users to use their last profile (even 
from one minor ver ago).

If this is something that can be altered & you'd like me to file a 
ticket, let me know.

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