[tor-talk] Trouble with 2.2.33-3 - Dirty workaround to avoid user local-tor in Linux

unknown unknown at pgpru.com
Thu Oct 13 19:19:26 UTC 2011

> > : Hope that Debian packages with separated tor-daemon itself, Tor-browser and
> > : Tor-browser-plugins will be created sometime
> > 
> > This is unlikely unless someone else does the work.

Dirty workaround recipe:

1. Leave your transparency torifying iptables-firewall rules as is.
2. Run start-tor-browser scripts.
3. Vidalia runs local tor.
4. Local tor slowly builds circuits throw torifying connections:
 double torifying, double circuits length, slow connection.
5. Vidalia starts TBB-FF.
6. kill -9 Vidalia, and user-tor (not system-tor!)
7. Change in the T-button random socks-port to your system tor-port:
select "Use custom proxy settings" "" "9050"

Now you work through system-tor, started from /etc/init.d/tor, 
secured with low privilegy group debian-tor, integrated with SELinux, etc.

You can use 'sudo killall -SIGHUP tor' as newnym command or tune control ports.

If you make an error in any point (instead of first - firewalling) then 
your connection will not be working,
or will be slow because doubling overhead.
But none of thats mistakes cannot make plain traffic leakages.

May be developers just give TBB-Linux users non-default config options: "Use system Tor".

Please, don't enforce to use TBB with local Tor for advanced users!

Don't ruin a flexibility of transparency tor-firewalling and 
security of using /etc/init.d/tor !

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