polipo-tor deb/ubuntu native package

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I'm gonna make this available on a personal repo in the near future
(this weekend or next)... the tools are kinda wonky.

All architectures - no binaries - has a proper list of dependencies I
think, though I should add vidalia and make some of them optional

I've advertised this a few times, to virtually no response.  The
tor-assistants mlist has been confused, with people telling me they
weren't sure what their ubuntu strategy was, whether they even wanted
debian packages, etc.

I haven't, for the life of me, been able to even figure out who to
talk to.  I've posted emails perhaps 3 times, with virtually no
feedback.  Nobody's apparently doing anything.  I don't blame them,
because the debian packaging tools and docs are complicated and

So, I'm just publishing this myself.

If you apt-get this from a repo, it'll install every package you
need, IIUC.

Then install torbutton, one click and you're on tor.
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