Tor & Email?

grarpamp grarpamp at
Thu Jan 6 21:47:10 UTC 2011

Wish mail could multiply thread replies. Here are combined thoughts
on the related 'Tor & Email?' and 'Tor and google groups' threads...

>> Maybe you should start up a gmail activation service! Or at least for
>> us here in the group!

How many accounts will gmail and the other online entities allow
under one number? Do they crosscheck country/region to number and
are you willing to risk loss of every underlying account if so
or for other 'related link' reasons.

Given that, how many of you would be willing to drop cash in the
mail to provide anon support for the fractional cost of the phone/SIM?

The only real issue is the cost, oversubscription rate and account
linking. Not the anonymity of the physical mobile SIM holder.

>> able to enter the account and ...

Amongst anons there would surely be some honor in this.

>> Though I could open an account at gmail (with SMS)
>> Belarus and an Azeri exit node and SMS verification was required
>> tried to creat gmail-accounts with Netherlands and German exits

In general, when you all are testing whatever service it might be,
and especially since you are already picking the node, please be
sure to state the node fingerprint so others can confirm. Particularly
upon success.

Andrew, I recall you said you were recently (the only one of two
of us) able to create a Gmail account via Tor but did not know your
exit. Do you remember whether or not you supplied a 'secondary'
email address to them? And what domain/service it was?

People should mention the fingerprint and use of any such mail
domain/service when testing. As in my tests of 2010/12/29.

As well as whether they used the 'broken' .exit notation or MAPADDRESS,
what was MAPADDRESS'ed, etc.

> I then tried again with a German exit, and had no problems.

Jon, really? Do you recall the fingerprint and any recovery domain?
And no captcha seems very strange.
And Germany would give you @googlemail, not @gmail right?

>> I am using Privoxy

Privoxy alters a whole bunch more stuff than polipo. I can see where
it would cause undue problems. I do ad blocking with MAPADDRESS so
polipo is fine.

>> As explained to me in Belgium, the law says they have to see an ID

Many laws and policies say only to check, not record or some other
such scheme. Many folks feel the need to go above and beyond what
is written even though it serves them no particular benefit and
adds to their cost, and in fact risk, of doing business.

Bad will be bad, good will be good. That's why many have no problem
with anonymity, because it doesn't affect that regard. Anti-anons
seem to be really about profiling for profiling's sake, or slowing
the normal course of historical change so that they may continue
to reap the current state before naturally dying of old age.
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