System time in anonymity oriented LiveCDs

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Wed Jan 5 20:04:34 UTC 2011


Thomas.Hluchnik at wrote (03 Jan 2011 16:56:19 GMT) :
> Without understanding details of the tor design, did you mention
> that tor knows the "real" time?
> So why dont you let tor set the right time.

This is exactly what Liberte Linux does, and what we (T(A)ILS
developers) are considering to do.

We are asking here about possible security / anonymity issues that
could be caused by doing this: Tor indeed distributes an approximation
of the current time to the Tor users, but this is rather a side effect
than an advertised feature, and this is thus probably not meant to be
relied on. That's why we are asking the Tor designers / experts /
developers if it sounds reasonable to rely on this distributed time to
set the system clock within bounds that will allow the Tor client (Tor
proxy, in Tor design's words) to work.

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