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Wed Jan 5 20:03:28 UTC 2011


On 05.01.2011 20:18, Orionjur Tor-admin wrote:
> Is it very difficult to buy a SIM without showing ID in the USA or
> countries of Western Europe? Sorry for such off topic but it is very
> interesting to know are there any countries in Western Europe or states
> of the USA when it is possible to buy a SIM without showing your ID with
> accordance to local law?

At least in Germany, you can buy SIMs not activated in a lot of shops
without showing ID. It is an open secret that you can activate many of
them using a(ny) correct address without further verification.

Also off topic: For example, UKash vouchers are being sold across Europe
and can be used to buy prepaid Mastercards online using a service called
UKash Neo, using SMS as owner verification. I can confirm that the CCs
work even with Paypal.
In the US, a lot of shops sell prepaid CCs ("gift cards"). To use
online, they also require some sort of address verification, which is
probably hard to do in a country where there is no ID or residency register.
Moritz Bartl
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