quick question about my bridge relay...

Joseph Lorenzo Hall joehall at gmail.com
Mon Jan 31 14:26:33 UTC 2011


(I've redacted my IP address and relay name and fingerprint here.)

I've set up a bridge relay and it seems to work for a bit and then
stop routing traffic.  I'm wondering if I've misconfigured it or

The box running it is behind a NAT and I've port-forwarded to the
Relay Port and Directory Port (I'm using the for OS X
Power PC via Vidalia).

Looking at the logs, I see this frequently:

Jan 31 08:54:39.925 [Info] resolve_my_address(): Guessed local
hostname 'foo.local' resolves to a private IP address (
Trying something else.
Jan 31 08:54:39.943 [Info] get_interface_address6(): connect() failed:
Invalid argument
Jan 31 08:54:39.947 [Info] resolve_my_address(): Could not get local
interface IP address. Too bad.
Jan 31 08:54:39.950 [Info] resolve_my_address(): Address
'tarantula.local' resolves to private IP address ''. Tor
servers that use the default DirServers must have public IP addresses.

However, if I simply click on "Setup Relaying" in Vidalia control
panel and just click "OK" in the sharing pane (to not change
anything), it seems to start routing traffic again:

Jan 31 08:52:25.245 [Notice] Your Tor server's identity key
fingerprint is 'foo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
Jan 31 08:52:25.248 [Info] configure_nameservers(): No change to
Jan 31 08:52:36.232 [Info] connection_ap_make_link(): Making internal
anonymized tunnel to [scrubbed]:443 ...
Jan 31 08:52:36.235 [Info] onion_pick_cpath_exit(): Using requested
exit node 'Tonga'
Jan 31 08:52:36.239 [Info] circuit_send_next_onion_skin(): First hop:
finished sending CREATE cell to 'TolFuin'
Jan 31 08:52:36.242 [Info] connection_ap_make_link(): ... application
connection created and linked.

It goes along happily at least for a few minutes, but then goes back
to the first sequence above and doesn't seem to handle any more
traffic (until I click through the setup relaying pane in settings).

And at other times, it does seems to guess my public IP address
correctly after the first sequence I quote above:

Jan 31 08:52:25.238 [Info] router_pick_published_address(): Could not
determine our address locally. Checking if directory headers provide
any hints.
Jan 31 08:52:25.241 [Info] router_pick_published_address(): Success:
chose address 'xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx'.

So, I guess I'm wondering how do I tell Tor what my public IP address
is?  (I maybe completely misunderstanding the problem here, of

best and thanks, Joe

Joseph Lorenzo Hall
ACCURATE Postdoctoral Research Associate
UC Berkeley School of Information
Princeton Center for Information Technology Policy
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