Polipo bug reporting

Andrew Lewman andrew at torproject.org
Mon Jan 31 13:56:20 UTC 2011

On Mon, 31 Jan 2011 12:20:10 +0000
"Geoff Down" <geoffdown at fastmail.net> wrote:
>  Thank you Juliusz, I appreciate your efforts.
> Clearly Tor needs to ship with a working Polipo, so if this is a real
> fault would the bundle developers please revert to the version which
> was in the Vidalia 0.2.9 bundle, which is still working.

The difference is that the PPC bundle with vidalia 0.2.9 was built on a
10.3.9 ppc mac.  However, the 10.3.9 machine died a smelly, melty
death during a build a few months ago. The current bundles are built on
a 10.5 ppc mac with backwards compatibility for 10.3.9 (at least
according to xcode/gcc).  

Clearly Apple's backwards compatibility options don't work.

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