Is "gatereloaded" a Bad Exit?

Olaf Selke olaf.selke at
Mon Jan 31 10:09:51 UTC 2011

On 31.01.2011 10:52, morphium wrote:
> As I stated above, it's not a good idea to BadExit them, because it
> puts more load on the servers, that DO support https i.e. - and makes
> them slower.

I disagree Morphium's position mainly for the same reasons Mike and Jake
already pointed out. If the operators really care about their nodes
they'll certainly contact Tor admins. Damaging Tor's reputation in the
public due to exit sniffing imo is much more worse than loosing some

> And I don't see ANY point in BadExit'ing 5 "random" Nodes, suggesting
> that no one could capture your unencrypted traffic now.

those five high bandwidth nodes with suspicious exit policies haven't
been chosen randomly.

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