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Mike Perry mikeperry at
Mon Jan 31 08:59:47 UTC 2011

Thus spake David Carlson (carlson.dl at

> I am forbidden to access the server  Is that because I am a
> Tor exit node?

To hell with yelp.

It's not clear if the bans are intentional - if they just believe
that selling user's privacy against their will is their official
business model, or if it's just a DoS detection mechanism gone
haywire. Given that *residential* exits are showing up as banned, I'm
guessing it's not the latter... Go them.

Use Google Maps (aka Places on mobile). It aggregates yelp and a
handful of other sites, and does not ban tor. It occasionally gives
you a captcha, but this is better than a ban.

P.S. Just to open myself up to a fun libel suit, I've heard rumors
that yelp takes bribes to filter ratings in various ways. I'm sure the
filters are only beneficial, and help to remove spam posts and other
"malicious" content. In the face of rumors like these, it really is
better to get your information elsewhere, especially from an

Mike Perry
Mad Computer Scientist evil labs
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