Question and Confirmation.

Geoff Down geoffdown at
Sun Jan 30 23:53:00 UTC 2011

On Sun, 30 Jan 2011 23:33 +0000, "Matthew" <pumpkin at> wrote:
>   Each relay removes one layer of encryption.
> > Tor does *not* encrypt and send packet headers.  Tor only relays the
> > data within a TCP connection.
> >
> OK.  I get it.  I think.
> Please confirm:
> The data is encrypted.  The header is not encrypted.
> So if my ISP is monitoring my traffic all they see for the header is the 
> connection to the first Tor node.
> In which case my question is: where is the information that tells the
> exit 
> node which DNS resolution to do and therefore which website I am asking
> for?

 In the *HTTP* headers, which are part of the encrypted TCP data


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