Hi and Ubuntu install...

Chris Kimpton chris at kimptoc.net
Sun Jan 30 00:23:30 UTC 2011


I am trying to setup Tor on an Ubuntu box, but getting a little glitch
on the install - hope this is the correct list to query...

I followed the instructions from here:


In particular:

Then add this line to your /etc/apt/sources.list file:

deb     http://deb.torproject.org/torproject.org <DISTRIBUTION> main

where you put the codename of your distribution (i.e. etch, lenny,
sid, maverick, lucid, karmic, jaunty, intrepid, hardy or whatever it
is) in place of <DISTRIBUTION>.

Then add the gpg key used to sign the packages by running the
following commands at your command prompt:

gpg --keyserver keys.gnupg.net --recv 886DDD89

I found and installed the package ok, but the gpg line fails - doesnt
seem to get to keys.gnupg.net.

Is that still current, or is the server just down for now and I should
try later...

Thanks in advance,
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