Is "gatereloaded" a Bad Exit?

Jan Weiher jan at
Sat Jan 29 18:46:20 UTC 2011


while scrolling through the tor status page (, I
stumpled upon the following node (the reason why it came to my eye was
the long uptime):

gatereloaded 550C C972 4FA7 7C7F 9260 B939 89D2 2A70 654D 3B92

This node looks suspicious to me, because there is no contact info given
and the exit policy allows only unencrypted traffic:

accept *:21
accept *:80
accept *:110
accept *:143
reject *:*

Am I missing something? I'm wondering why the status page lists this
node as non-exit, because it clearly allows outgoing traffic on ports
21,80,110 and 143?
I'm aware of the fact that it is not recommended to use tor without
additional encryption, but some users do. And I dont see any reason for
only allowing unencrypted traffic than snooping?
Can anyone clearify this? If the admin of this node is on the list,
would he please explain this situation?

best regards,
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